darmok47 (darmok47) wrote,

Temporary equality

I find this fascinating. Nothing to set any of these kids apart from any of the others. Maybe some of the audience could tell which were going to become (more) famous, but the people who made the opening credits sure weren't making any guesses.

Oh, in case you're wondering, "MMC" doesn't mean 2100, it was late 80s-90s revival of the Mickey Mouse Club when they must have felt they needed some balance between appealing to brand loyalty and disassociating themselves with anything so dorky as Mickey Mouse.

If you're not sure how many of these kids became famous, go to the wikipedia page for "Mickey Mouse Club" and see how many Mouseketeer (I'm guessing they weren't actually called that) names are links to their own pages.  Uh... ignore some of the names on the 1990-92 list.  I don't think any of the non-capitalised names (especially not "bin laden" and "micheal obama (bin laden lover)") belong to anyone on that show.
Tags: celebrity culture, dork age

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